On Bad Energy: These {5 Why} Will Help You Do A Self Examination

Sometimes we can be the so called bad energy we try to run from


Learning to {Love You}

Most of the time, we hear things like "Love people, Show love to others, Celebrate people", and we try to express this love in our own way even when it sometimes doesn't come from our heart. Have you had to smile back to someone you don't even like? You see how hard you try to… Continue reading Learning to {Love You}


A Little Something For Your Worries

I won't act like there hasn't been days where I felt so unsure, confused, angry or frustrated. Times where I felt like I've been chasing shadows. Like my dreams are not relevant. Times I felt I don't even know where I'm headed. The feeling of being stuck and useless. This is true! You even encourage… Continue reading A Little Something For Your Worries


Dear Singles, 4 + 1 Important Things to Know in 2019

Hello!!! Happy New Year. Yeah, it's my first time writing you this year. And I believe you've started breaking new grounds already. Did you read the post on singles I wrote last year? If you haven't, please do. I have so much burdens on my heart about singles, and even though I struggled as to… Continue reading Dear Singles, 4 + 1 Important Things to Know in 2019