Reading Habit: 2 Lessons I Learnt from Taking Up “A Start to Finish Challenge”


While I’m working on the blog revamping, I decided to share some things still.

Happy New Month Family!

Am I the only one who feels this year is moving so fast?

I really can’t believe it’s March already.

Anyway, my prayer is that: God will continue to keep us, and help us to maximize every time, chance and opportunity that life has to offer.

For some of us who are yet to achieve any of our set goals:

“Don’t give up on yourself. Push harder, get motivated! Do whatever you need to do until your heart desire becomes a reality. Also don’t forget your values.”

Recently, I get this kind of scary feeling any time I remember I’m not getting any younger. But I quickly remind myself of how far I’ve come. I don’t need some wrong energy to drain me of my joy.

Moving right along.

I have a testimony to share with you guys. I’m seriously jubilating. I can’t believe myself too, but I take things like this seriously. I’m sure you’d understand.

This year I did some house cleaning. By house cleaning, I mean (I did some introspection, thinking about my life and a lot of things).

One of those things I thought about was that: I’ve not been reading as I ought to. As a child, all I knew was to read, and read and read. No fun: go to school, get back home, freshen up, eat and read.

Yeah! I had a disciplinary big daddy.

Well, now I’m growing and there’s no big daddy to watch all my activities and all. This value I grew up with as a child was meant to continue with me, right?

So I thought.

Especially in this age and time where we need to be really informed to stay ahead.

I hear people ask, “have you read this, have you read that? I’m a book this and that.”

So I decided to borrow myself some sense.

I read my school book, I read other books, but I never get to finish them. I’d just stop half way and I’m done.

There’s a friend of mine whose reading habit amazes me. Her book library is something else. Makes me feel like I’m not in this world at all. Like I’m missing out a lot.

Sincerely, that’s the truth. There’s so much to learn, that would aid our journey in life, but they are buried inside books. And the problem is to read it.

Don’t get me wrong – I read, but I don’t finish them. I’ve read a lot of books that has smaller pages. But I’m talking about a 250 pages and upward book. I’d just give up and do something else.

I bought books of over #5,000 for the first time in my life in 2016 December. Just so I can inculcate this habit.

Did I read them? Halfway through.

I knew this was a problem as many might not see it that way, but it was for me.

Well, buying the books was a step ahead. So I took up a challenge to start and finish any book I pick up.

To cut to the chase. I did pick up one and I’m done now. Even though it shouldn’t have taken that long, but I’m so excited about the progress.

Here is what I did:

  • I choose a book that was related to my season. Like what was really important to me at that time. Since I’m all out to discovering purpose, I decided to read Destiny by T. D. Jakes. That book is awesome. I’d do a review on it and share with you guys. That’s if you’ve not read it. I know some book worms who visit here: Peju, Seun, Emmanuel, Abraham, Lara, among others – I sight you guys. I’m just a learner.
  • I kept the book beside my bed and ensured I read at least a page every morning. I didn’t open it at all while I was writing my exam. So after exam, I read more than a page. Sometimes I don’t feel interested, but I kept on staring at those letters until I synched into them and become interested. Some other time, I probably drop it and see a movie, then get back to it.
  • Thirdly, I kept on reminding myself of the fact that if I really want to go far, I need to be a reader. I also reminded myself of the challenge, that if I stop halfway now, I’m simply agreeing to be a failure.

Was that harsh? I guess it was necessary. Sometimes you need to push yourself hard. Your village people won’t want you to succeed and find out vital truth, but don’t let them keep you ignorant. LOL

But I’m serious o.

I feel so excited! I never thought reading could be so much fun. Gosh! I’ve really been missing out.

Just imagine if you had a good reading habit, what would your result in school have been like?

I had a distinction during my OND. Trust me, I could have read more. Cause it was a scale through; I knew it was God’s intervention too. I started putting extra effort in my last two semesters. What if the extra was from the beginning? It’s a lesson for all of us.

  1. Reading grows you. Keeps you informed. Keeps you from making mistakes or understanding a mistake you’ve made and how you could have done it better.
  2. It keeps you ahead. Improves your vocabulary. Expands your thinking. Takes off wrong mentalities from your mind. Helps you become a balanced person.

You can read all round depending on your season.

As you’re reading to increase your finance, read to improve your spiritual life too. Social life and everything necessary.

Just read it!

I can’t believe I’m saying this. Yeah! I’m on that journey too. And I feel so great!

Be sure to share your own experience with me too. I’ll be glad to hear it.

Love you guys,


PS: Sharing is caring: Comment, share, like. What do you guys think about this new theme? It’s not done yet, but any idea?


23 thoughts on “Reading Habit: 2 Lessons I Learnt from Taking Up “A Start to Finish Challenge”

  1. it is amazing how Maureen who cannot finish a book can write a whole epistle.
    I like reading but usually under pressure which in all sincerity is not my style. Reading is fun and you do not have to finish a whole book to feel satisfied…most books require a chapter or two to get the value added to your life.
    For school books i am always of the opinion that people she prepare smart (PQs, examiners reviews, latest happenings around the subject which can be sited for examples and your text books).
    good job Maureen….

  2. Well, I think I’m more of a Bible-worm now, than a book-worm (Lol). The books are piling up for me, and this post has encouraged me the more to stick to my one book a week plan amidst the tedious schedule of my current season. Right here, you don’t need to buy the books, they stare you at the face in the Library, like a whole lot; but you may never read them if you don’t make the sacrifice. When I first got here, I just wished all they should allow me do is skip classes so I can just sit all day in the library and devour the materials. There is a lot to read my dear, and you are just on point with the solution: we should follow our seasons – it would best advise us on what our book selections should be out of the many books in print all over the world. Oh my God, this is supposed to be a comment, and not an article! Emmanuel?!

    Pardon me! One more thing. I don’t think I can find such precious information passed by you through this medium on the “reading habit” subject in any book in print. Therefore, for readers like myself, and every other person who has commented on this post (I believe any one who cares to stop by here is a reader – obviously, by their fruits, they are exposed!), platforms like ZOE BLOG should be on our minds as one great source, aside books, for great contents that can educate us, such as the one we just read. Just like reading a book from start to finish, we should always, like we’ve always done (I believe so), read posts from start to finish (I was guilty of this until I started reading contents in this blog – when I managed to visit other blogs or stumble on posts on social media sites, I just go for the introduction and summary, just scan through and I’m done). Since I started digesting wholesome, inspiring and mind blowing contents from this platform, I’ve come to realise that I can only get the author’s perspective, the true sense in a post if only I read through to the very end, just the same way, I can only get the total message in a printed book if only I do it cover to cover. Hmmmmmmm…I hope I made sense? (Asking myself actually, because this is becoming unusually long…pause yourself bro!).

    Thanks Maureen (TW.). The long comment is just my little way of saying: “YOU ARE OUT THIS WORLD INSPIRING – CAN YOU PLEASE WRITE MORE?”

    1. Bookworm, bible-worm,at least you’re something worm. Lol.
      I know you now:
      I know you read a lot. This is a season for you, so enjoy it.
      Where people like us are just starting.
      You’ve been there and done that.
      What can I say? Wink!

  3. Always a beautiful experience to be lost inside books, traveling in your imagination, with inspiring thoughts which transforms you inside out. When you stop reading, you stop growing. Awesome write up Maureen. Don’t stop writing.

    1. Oh my days! I know what you mean sir.
      Lack of reading is a literal registration for stagnation.
      Thank you very much Sir. I definitely won’t stop writing.
      Thank you for your inspiration too.

  4. I’m in your shoes too. The lesson I’ve learnt is that, I should Just Do It like Nike will always say.

    So, instead of saying later. I just dig my head in it or my phone till I get lost. It’s interesting to read but sometimes hard.

    Thanks for sharing, dear mi.

  5. Lol….when Seun is there? I’m still a learner too.

    I like to think that the more we read the more we know; if we don’t read both on the internet or soft or hard copy books, it will be hard to know a lot of stuff. I’ve struggled with stopping halfway through any book I start reading except for Redeeming Love and Scarlet by Francine Rivers. But then it has to be a conscious effort to want to finish the book despite all odds.

    1. Then I’ve not started too.
      Actually, you’ve said it all.
      It has to be a deliberate thing, or you’d just keep procrastinating.
      It takes determination to really achieve anything in life.

  6. Waoh! Well I am not the printed books (hardcopy) type. Now dont get me wrong, I love to read as in I love it xo xo cos it keeps my mind from deviating but I prefer E-books probably because I am always glued to my phone (laughing) my bad though”. Got a lot on my phone which i read every morning too. Mostly spiritual, social and marriage though…

    1. Of course it doesn’t have to be hard copy.
      Although I personally prefer hard copy, since I’m just learning. You get what I mean?
      But e-books are awesome, especially when it’s not too long.
      Remember that one I wrote?
      And I like the fact that you’re balancing it by reading round.

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