This is apparently one of the funniest yet fulfilling experiences I’ve had in 2018 and of course my entire life.
Such occurrence has never happened to me.
Before I go into it, how many of you can’t stand being in a bus where so many gist,gossips and arguments are going on?
And if you’re the type that likes to gist in the bus, I’d say it better be something reasonable and worth discussing. Or else, you’d have wasted your time that could have been used on something important.

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Service to humanity! – Save The Slum {#projectlekki} + Pictures from Previous Projects

Happy New Year Family.

I hope we’ve been spreading love vibes around and enjoying every bit life has to offer.

One of the projects I got engaged in last year was volunteering for an NGO and the experience has been awesome.

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🌲🌼Merry Christmas 🌼🌲

Merry Christmas Zoe Family!

This season will surely bring us all the good things life has to offer.

It’s a time to rejoice, to count our blessings and show love to our families, friends and loved ones.

Christ the reason for this season will surely continue to be our hope of Glory.

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Diary of a “Desperate Girl”

Hi people,
I know we’re meant to be making the most out of December: doing what we love, enjoying ourselves and having fun, just so that we keep the joy flowing right?
We should be planning on spending time with our families, friends and loved ones just because they are precious gifts from God.
Well, I’d say I’m grateful to God for giving me the grace to be able to write still.
I’m one of those people who believe in working or doing something irrespective of whether you’re a student, graduate or an elderly person – no matter how little it might be.
I like people to be independent!

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A True life story – “Broken Desire”

My life started changing from the moment I got freedom.
I grew up with my Aunty due to my parents’ absence from the country. We got separated because my younger brother needed urgent and special attention. Continue reading

6 Ingredients to prepare you for ‘An Awesome Marriage’ – #Chrislin 2017

Hi there,

Thank you for dropping by.

Am I the only one who thinks December is always super awesome and filled with so much excitements?

Seriously guys, life is a choice: you choose how you want to live it. It is never by chance; everything is deliberate.

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Hello there! Here’s to December Wishes.

Happy New Month Zoe Family.

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On Dear Singles: Answers to Yesterday’s Question & Misconception!

Hello Family,

Trust you’re doing great.

Hope the week is treating you nicely?

Let me put on my prayer garment.

May your path shine brighter and brighter and the angels watch over you wherever you go…Amen.

Thank you for taking out time to visit here again yesterday. Hope you had a good read?

And you’re reading again today…You are so amazing!

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Dear Single, {3 Nuggets} for a Purposeful Single Life You Need to Know.

All the single ladddddies….and yeah guys! *smiles*. I am very very happy because it’s been love love love all through this month in my church.

Have you seen the last post?

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Signs that you’re beginning to lose your joy & why.

Hi there,

The picture above was taken sometime last year and I remember writing those words with so much confidence in God.

But it’s amazing how we easily forget things especially our source.

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